Monday, December 28, 2009

Sweet n' Bitter

It was a very beautiful day since my school holidays just ended around the corner. Many things should accomplish for this coming year whereby 2009 had promised me something special and lil' bit of bitterness for mundane life. The most memorable moment that I've achieved for 2009 was my 100 percent achievement in UPSR and broke the school history ever. Well I put them in my heart and kept them as my motivator to achieve more surprises or greatness for this coming year. I do believe I can do better than before.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just for Net-seeing

Raya oh raya

As usual as Hari Raya comes by, it seems like every Muslims in the world are busy preparing and decorating everything.Every angle and dimensions of life may take accounts. To me, it is lil' bit special this Syawal because our ex-school mate asked for reunion. I try my best to arrange everything for this season and hopefully it becomes real. I try my best dude.

U.P.S.R. Unite Performance Score Resilience

After struggling and burning my midnight oil with my pupils, at last UPSR just anchoring it ship. Actually this was my first time appointed as "Ketua Pengawas" and i've been posted to SK Rantau Panjai so called P3. Many vital experiences and sweet memories I was gained there. A very friendly and helpful staff gave me comfortness in there. Thank you all. But, after this important exam gone with the wind, I'm still waiting for the result as it might portray my hardness and sacrification for the last few months. Hopefully, my beloved and sporting pupils will come out with flying colours. Insyaallah.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What a day in course

I just attended EMIS course for the previous month's report. It was quite boring day in SMK Kapit 2 meeting room whereby I was hanging with Benard around the school just waiting for the next session of the course. I was wondering why EMIS committees organized this kind of course far away from Kapit town. As usual, transportation became a burden for us especially those who were coming from the heart of the jungle. I became "Mat Rempit" because wearing nothing on my head. I met many ex-pupils from my school there and they just smiled and had a small chat with Sopian and Liman. Hopefully, the organizer from PPG get to know other problems especially while dealing with venue for the course.